Osmosis Day Spa

Freestone, California epitomizes west Sonoma county. Lying at the crossroads of two backcountry highways, it could be any sleepy small town...until you get out of your car and realize you've parked in paradise.

The pastoral valley is home to the one town block, containing all the necessities of life including a winery, a renowned wood-fired bakery and Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary. This last, a five acre retreat from the din of the outside world, is home to the only cedar enzyme bath in North America. Popular in Japan, the bath...oh, don't make me explain it. Go to their www.osmosis.com for more information. But take a gander at a handful of the photos they had me do for them:


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Sono-Ma: Holly White-Wolfe said...

Your photos call the viewer to action, Gregory! The are absolutely richly inspiring...

Thank you for sharing these Osmosis pictures with Sono-Ma. I am sure you'll have people make reservations for the next event immediately!