Gluten Free Pizza

Last week I was invited to shoot the Gluten Free Pizza Workshop, held by North Bay Celiacs and directed by Guy Giordanengo, famed Gluten Free Guy.

The workshop focused on making gluten-free pizza crust, a recipe Guy perfected while chef at Mangiamo in Windsor. The spacious kitchen, in a private home north of Sebastopol, was perfect for hosting the around 20 participants, not to mention a beautiful setting inside and out. Guy generously shared his recipe and talked participants through the hands-on experience.

After parbaking to a light gold, the crusts are ready for topping.

The fun part: toppings. There's not much that can't go on a pizza, even for the gluten-free.

After each participant has decorated a pizza, the pies return to the oven for the finishing bake.

And in lieu of embarrassing eating-pizza photos, here's a snapshot from the kitchen window:

And some signs of spring for you:

More information on Celiac Disease on the website of North Bay Celiacs, a support group for those diagnosed with celiac disease and other gluten intolerances.

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