Reëntering the world of freelance

It's been a long while since I've posted, and much has transpired. In addition to pursuing personal photo and writing projects (more on those in a later post), I've spent the last seven months helping a friend restructure her business, which has really distracted me from my freelance focus. Now that her world is clicking along nicely again, I'm getting back to my business; I hope I'm not too rusty from disuse. Now remembering how to breathe, catching up with neglected friends and turning over half-finished projects--which you might get to hear about eventually. In the meantime, what's new?

First, just to break up these squiggly black lines a bit, a dash of photos from a recent shoot at Yoga In The Vines to promote their new sister program, Yoga Flirt.

A little yoga, a little pole dancing, a LOT of fun.

You Northwest types should watch your newsracks this January for my article and photos about a subject near and dear to my heart: the proper approach to ultimate caffeinated bliss. Don't worry - as soon as I've got a copy, I'll post an outtake or two here to remind you.

Next, Sofawolf Press asked me to pen a quick poem for the current issue of New Fables (available now); instead I gave them an epic about Coyote, up to his old tricks as storyteller, teacher and...well...trickster. Inspired by native legends and the storytelling style of Commander Cody And His Lost Planet Airmen, it's a heap of fun. DO check it out.

Word has it my photos of the Estrella Family Creamery will accompany an article in Country Woman Magazine this coming February - again, I'm sure I'll remind you to buy one when it's on paper. And again for Northwest types: GO FIND THIS CHEESE AND EAT IT. Hands down, it's the best I've ever eaten (and, moreover, it did not give me gas).

Last, big thanks to friend Tor, who's inspired me finally to get off my duff and update my portfolio, which we'll be printing this week. After a few weeks of futzing (not to mention preparing for the holiday), the new book should be ready to win me the love and admiration of the type of folks who love and admire the things I'm putting in my new book.

"But what about the web!" you protest? I'll update that delightfully clunky and outdated website portfolio of mine one of these days...there's so much to add, I don't know where to start.

Coming soon: more photos of excellent California beer. I know that's why you're here. Don't try to hide it. Have no fear: I'm here for you, ready to sacrifice my liver for the benefit of your hop-starved eyes.

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