Happy Independence Day!

Though work is keeping me from celebrating with my family, this is usually my biggest holiday of the year, or at least the one with the most meaning. I was raised on the words of Thomas Paine and with an appreciation for the ideals that made our then fledgling country the most promising development in history. The country wasn't perfect then and it isn't perfect now, but the seeds planted then will always survive and put forth new shoots, no matter how often they're trampled, cut or salted.

I harbor no illusions that the reach of my life's work will approach the impact of the words and works our forefathers gave to us, but I annually remind myself that they took great risks and paid a high price for the reward they sought and we enjoy--a reward beyond tea taxes, King George and intolerable acts, that of increased human potential assured through individual liberty. I hope I can honor that dedication with my daily words and actions, by promoting that which harmonizes with such lofty ideals and repudiating that which stifles.

Time to get off my soapbox and put on my apron. Be safe out there!

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