Timark Wine

I had the pleasure recently of being invited to shoot Timark Wine's first bottling, a 2008 St. Helena Cabernet, at the Crushpad in Napa.

These are not the grapes used in Timark Wine, but the Crushpad facility--like most anything in Napa--is surrounded by lovely, lovely grapes.

While they checked their labels, I checked to make sure they were bottling something tasty. Turns out they were.

Timark Wine is named for its founders, Tim...

...and Mark.

Cheers, guys!


Osmosis Day Spa

Freestone, California epitomizes west Sonoma county. Lying at the crossroads of two backcountry highways, it could be any sleepy small town...until you get out of your car and realize you've parked in paradise.

The pastoral valley is home to the one town block, containing all the necessities of life including a winery, a renowned wood-fired bakery and Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary. This last, a five acre retreat from the din of the outside world, is home to the only cedar enzyme bath in North America. Popular in Japan, the bath...oh, don't make me explain it. Go to their www.osmosis.com for more information. But take a gander at a handful of the photos they had me do for them:



Gluten Free Pizza

Last week I was invited to shoot the Gluten Free Pizza Workshop, held by North Bay Celiacs and directed by Guy Giordanengo, famed Gluten Free Guy.

The workshop focused on making gluten-free pizza crust, a recipe Guy perfected while chef at Mangiamo in Windsor. The spacious kitchen, in a private home north of Sebastopol, was perfect for hosting the around 20 participants, not to mention a beautiful setting inside and out. Guy generously shared his recipe and talked participants through the hands-on experience.

After parbaking to a light gold, the crusts are ready for topping.

The fun part: toppings. There's not much that can't go on a pizza, even for the gluten-free.

After each participant has decorated a pizza, the pies return to the oven for the finishing bake.

And in lieu of embarrassing eating-pizza photos, here's a snapshot from the kitchen window:

And some signs of spring for you:

More information on Celiac Disease on the website of North Bay Celiacs, a support group for those diagnosed with celiac disease and other gluten intolerances.


Happy Halloween!

That's right, kids, it's time to grab the sharpest knives in the house and massacre some poor, defenseless pumpkins in the name of...uh...what were we celebrating again? Oh, right - large-scale petty extortion. Trick or treat!

Anyway, I'm too busy working this year to run amok in fancy dress, so I'll just live vicariously through the rest of you. Go forth and be outrageous, and for heavens sake brush your teeth.

Oh, lest I forget and you feel obliged to toilet paper my dogs, here's your treat:

I'll let the client explain the event if she so chooses. If the text is a wee bit hard to read, blame the fact that it's really a three-foot-tall poster, and very far away.



It's autumn, my favorite time of the year. Sure the northeast is famous for its amazing fall colors, but I'm happy right here at home.

On the Russian River wine trail:

Up the Sonoma coast:

Back in time at Fort Ross:

At the Audubon sanctuary trail in Tiburon:

From the porch of Monte Rio's Highland Dell:

And you can see it all wearing shorts.


Out of the Rabbit Hole, Into the River

As promised (lo these many moons ago), I've revamped my entire business; in doing so, I've come to the conclusion that revamping never ends. I've achieved an acceptable level of functionality at www.gregoryhayes.com, mapped out future changes, and can now rest spend more time on the more traditional aspects of photography.

It's been a while since my last update, so I'll be posting more recent photos in the near future. For now, here's a seasonal image I worked on with Nexus Organic:

I've also been privileged lately to work alongside some amazing wedding photographers, who have encouraged me to actively promote my wedding photography. I'm pleased to announce that I'm now taking reservations for 2010.

I'm now based in the resort area of the Russian River, a flat-out amazing place. Here, the vineyards and redwoods mingle on the shores of the gently winding river, all made more special by the area's playful bohemian atmosphere. While there are many beautiful local wedding venues, I'm available to travel to your location of choice. Now's the perfect time to contact me for a quote.

See you soon with more news and photos!


Cleaning House

Updating my promotional materials, portfolio, website and gallery - what a rabbit hole!

It's high time to replace all these outdated materials to reflect my current body of work. The physical portfolio came first, and is already doing its work. Expecting business cards from the printers any day now. Then, I can move forward on the web page, after culling my photo library, embedding my information in all images, gently and lovingly watermarking my previews and firing up the gallery software. It'll all fit together somehow. You'll see!

Meanwhile, one quick image from a new set I've been doing for Primal Visions Design Studios:

Realistic Lion Costume for stage performance. Lovely, isn't he?


Re├źntering the world of freelance

It's been a long while since I've posted, and much has transpired. In addition to pursuing personal photo and writing projects (more on those in a later post), I've spent the last seven months helping a friend restructure her business, which has really distracted me from my freelance focus. Now that her world is clicking along nicely again, I'm getting back to my business; I hope I'm not too rusty from disuse. Now remembering how to breathe, catching up with neglected friends and turning over half-finished projects--which you might get to hear about eventually. In the meantime, what's new?

First, just to break up these squiggly black lines a bit, a dash of photos from a recent shoot at Yoga In The Vines to promote their new sister program, Yoga Flirt.

A little yoga, a little pole dancing, a LOT of fun.

You Northwest types should watch your newsracks this January for my article and photos about a subject near and dear to my heart: the proper approach to ultimate caffeinated bliss. Don't worry - as soon as I've got a copy, I'll post an outtake or two here to remind you.

Next, Sofawolf Press asked me to pen a quick poem for the current issue of New Fables (available now); instead I gave them an epic about Coyote, up to his old tricks as storyteller, teacher and...well...trickster. Inspired by native legends and the storytelling style of Commander Cody And His Lost Planet Airmen, it's a heap of fun. DO check it out.

Word has it my photos of the Estrella Family Creamery will accompany an article in Country Woman Magazine this coming February - again, I'm sure I'll remind you to buy one when it's on paper. And again for Northwest types: GO FIND THIS CHEESE AND EAT IT. Hands down, it's the best I've ever eaten (and, moreover, it did not give me gas).

Last, big thanks to friend Tor, who's inspired me finally to get off my duff and update my portfolio, which we'll be printing this week. After a few weeks of futzing (not to mention preparing for the holiday), the new book should be ready to win me the love and admiration of the type of folks who love and admire the things I'm putting in my new book.

"But what about the web!" you protest? I'll update that delightfully clunky and outdated website portfolio of mine one of these days...there's so much to add, I don't know where to start.

Coming soon: more photos of excellent California beer. I know that's why you're here. Don't try to hide it. Have no fear: I'm here for you, ready to sacrifice my liver for the benefit of your hop-starved eyes.


Happy Independence Day!

Though work is keeping me from celebrating with my family, this is usually my biggest holiday of the year, or at least the one with the most meaning. I was raised on the words of Thomas Paine and with an appreciation for the ideals that made our then fledgling country the most promising development in history. The country wasn't perfect then and it isn't perfect now, but the seeds planted then will always survive and put forth new shoots, no matter how often they're trampled, cut or salted.

I harbor no illusions that the reach of my life's work will approach the impact of the words and works our forefathers gave to us, but I annually remind myself that they took great risks and paid a high price for the reward they sought and we enjoy--a reward beyond tea taxes, King George and intolerable acts, that of increased human potential assured through individual liberty. I hope I can honor that dedication with my daily words and actions, by promoting that which harmonizes with such lofty ideals and repudiating that which stifles.

Time to get off my soapbox and put on my apron. Be safe out there!


Personal Projects

Been keeping very busy with some creative pursuits unrelated to my usual work. It looks like this may continue for some time, but I'm not putting down the pen and lenses in the meantime. I just got back from a 10 day trip to Washington State to finish off an article for Northwest Palate. Now I'm happily situated in the Bay Area, home of three new stories I've wanted to research for some time now, and I have the flexibility of schedule to do so. I'll be sending out queries for these as I nail down the direction of the stories; watch here for updates.

I finally nabbed a copy of the May/June Northwest Magazine; the article I wrote about the Brass Ring Carousel in Albany, Oregon, is some of my favorite work so far, and looks great in this beautiful and growing magazine. Check it out if you can!


Primal Visions: Happy Honeymoon!

From a set of photos I'm working on for Primal Visions Design Studios. VERY last minute shoot...hitched a ride up north, pulled a few strings to get into the beautiful Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge in Alameda, had owner Lex round up some talent, and bang--we have photos.

Looks like I'll be heading their way again soon for further adventures...good! Always a fun time.


Eric Beauchamp

Over on storyboardist Ed Cook's blog, spotted a link to production designer Eric Beauchamp's site. While I was stuck in a production trailer pushing papers, Eric was making miracles on an impossible budget for such jobs as Dido's Sand In My Shoes, Missy Elliott's I'm Really Hot, Outkast's award-winning Hey Ya, and more.

It's a pleasure to find this site not only because I've always admired what Eric can do, but because I don't watch television. Apart from watching VTR over Hal's shoulder or popping into the posthouse, I have never seen most of this stuff except during filming. This is my first real look, and I like what I see.


Wine Country Craftsman

My old friend at Wine Country Craftsman is redoing some promotional pieces to reflect the focus on his home base in wine country. (This is the view from his deck - I believe he said the grapes across the street dirt road are in Tobin James' vineyard.)

Mike handcrafts retired California grape vines into tables and accent pieces that are a pleasure to see and touch. Even though these hundred year old pieces of wood no longer bear grapes, life seems to still flow through the wood, the moments of its growth and history recorded in twists and gnarls that dance in the light and invite hands to trace their contours.


Quick beer tourism

A good friend came to town this weekend looking for good beer, so as a gracious host I could only oblige and take him to a few local spots he hadn't been yet.

San Marcos Brewery & Grill's sampler lineup:

Port Brewing/Lost Abbey's excellent uses for casks and kegs:

Used hops at Port:

The good doctor examines a Goodyear Brewing Line:

And a glimpse of the eminent Lee Chase, who used to brew for Stone and is now an independent brewing consultant:

We also hit Pizza Port in Carlsbad for a most excellent pizza, more excellent beer and a visit to their beautiful, beautiful bottle shop next door, with its extensive selection of really good brews, available either to taste on premises or to take away.